Finally, team LNN in partnership with Maridady Motors is here with the nominees for the KSh 1 Million Car we promised you a month ago.

Below are the six unspoken heroes who are doing incredible things in our community despite being abled differently.

The final stage is here. It's time for you to cast a vote for the person that impacted you with their stories below.



Linet Kagasa
Her two legs are amputated, and has one that is abled differently. She’s married and works at Safaricom in Eldoret.
Total Votes: 32,840
Gradus Ochieng
He is 27 years old, moves using a wheel chair. He has spina bifida condition. He does voluntary work for an organisation called Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO).
Total Votes: 92,661
Linda Richard Kirui
She is paralysed on one side. She has worked as a hawker. The nominee uses her platform to reach to distribute sanitary towels and food to the less fortunate.
Total Votes: 62,808
Joseph Kimani Njoroge
He is physically abled differently and works as a toilet cleaner at St Dominic Primary School. Joseph is very dedicated and has a son in university.
Total Votes: 5,247
Paula Mwangi
The nominee moves using a wheelchair and runs Mum Paula Mercy Children’s home that has over 20 kids.
Total Votes: 10,722
Daniel Mwangi aka DJ Teez
He is a family man, a dj and sells vegetables. Dj Teez also uses a wheelchair.
Total Votes: 683