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27-Year-Old Hustler Builds Mansion for Parents Who Struggled to Raise Him

1 week ago By Venessa Nyasio

Alex proves his haters and doubters alike wrong. Not only does he mould for his clients. He is currently busy building his own palatial home over the hills in Machakos County.

I Used to Beat My Son So Much Yet He Had Nothing to Do With My Pain

1 week ago By Charles Anam

“Everyone has a right to know both their parents, whether dead or alive. It is not your right to block your child from the other parent and it is not good,” noted Lubanga.

My Uncle Would Abuse Me and Take Me to His Friend to Do the Same, I Never Mourned My Mom

1 week ago By Gladys Njeri

The separation made Awuor an unstable child and all she wanted was someone to see her. The dad got remarried and Claire was forced to form a bond with the woman.

He ruined my life, thought I will never rise again but everything he took is now back in double

1 week ago By Venessa Nyasio

Catherine Wanjiru Kinyua was with her ex-husband for 19 years and endured all forms of abuse. A former wealthy woman, Catherine walked out of the union empty-handed.

I Was Fired Because I Refused to Stay in The Office at Night, Single Mum Narrates

2 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Damaris who is a single mother of one sat down with Lynn Ngugi and narrated her life story. Unlike other kids who know the career path they want to take in life, Bell did not have a clue.

Kenyan Family Cries Foul After Daughter Goes Missing in The U.S.

2 weeks ago By Gladys Njeri

"My hope is at the very worse they tell me that she is no more. All I want to know is how did she die and over what because you can get anything else in this life but you cannot get your life back. She helped me around so much and I miss her a lot."

They Have Been Called the Ugliest Names yet They Still Fight, Time to Cast Your Vote

2 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Though a lot of people were nominated for the grand prize, six nominees were shortlisted. They are: Linet Kagasa, Joseph Kimani, Beth Mwangi, DJ Teez, Gradius Ochieng and Linda Richards.

Househelp Builds Multimillion Home for Parents in Limuru Through Saudi Arabia Job

2 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

At 31, Wanjiru Waweru sleeps with a smile on her face knowing she has ticked off most of her hopes and dreams. The millionaire has helped build a mansion for her parents in Limuru after working as a househelp in Saudi Arabia for over eight years.

My Daughter Is Starving Herself to Death After a Teacher Called Her Fat

2 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

At 13, a young kid called Kendi is spending her days worrying about her weight and whether society thinks she is too fat. Why? Because a teacher referred to her and her friends as "the big five."

Humble Millionaire, 28, Says He Has Moulded Houses for Ruto and Ali Roba

3 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Alex David, now a renowned moulder, grew in a humble family of eight kids. His folks could not afford his fees and he often was chased away from school.

I Needed a Letter from The Church Pursue the Woman of My Dreams

3 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Sex before marriage is not allowed, and meeting for dates is not allowed. Any person who even gets pregnant before marriage is excommunicated from the church.

The Church Made My Mother Abandon Us, I Celebrated when She Died

3 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Joshua Kakai stated that his father's first wife approached his mother's family and expressed her desire to find a woman who would bear children for her.

My Baby Daddy Killed Our Son but Is Walking Free without Any Regrets, Mama Kingsley

3 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

Mama Kingsley was shocked in the morning when the father of her child asked her to buy beef and prepare it.

He Proposed Before He Met Me, I Always Knew I Was the Ugliest Woman Ever

4 weeks ago By Venessa Nyasio

After seven years of pain and getting three children with a partner who did not value her, Adah decided to walk out of the marriage and start afresh.

Kenyan Sheikh says having many children leads to poverty

1 month ago By Venessa Nyasio

Sheikh noted that while many people believe that children are a source of wealth, they should actually be considered a magnet for poverty.

Are Kenyans in Saudi Arabia Misbehaving or Are They Being Treated Unfairly?

1 month ago By Venessa Nyasio

A section of Kenyans argued that they did not understand why women in the Gulf had horror stories but men almost had none.

My Husband Said I Was Just His Girlfriend After 26 Years of Marriage, Lizzy Wanyoike

1 month ago By Venessa Nyasio

Her husband was 15 years her senior and had been married before. In fact, he and his wife were separated when Lizzy Wanyoike came into the picture.

Swiry Nyar Kano Says People Call Her Witch Because of Her Dressing, Makeup

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

Taabu disclosed that the day Africans will start studying astrology, they will realize that the African map is upside down, they will avoid reading time the European way, and that they will stop despising themselves at the expense of foreigners.

Hellen Wendy: Late Nurse's Dad Asks for Help to Transport Her Body Back to Kenya

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

In the video, Hellen can be seen swimming in a pool alone while engaging her fans. After sometime, she moved to the deep end and that is where she was overpowered by water.

Luo Man with 7 Wives Says Daughters Are Sign of Wealth Because of Bride Price They Bring

1 month ago By Venessa Nyasio

Lynn Ngugi Network decided to take its viewers through a deep dive into Kenya's tribes and their beliefs when it comes to who a man is. What exactly maketh a man?

Justice for Lydia: Isaac Githinji's Father Arrested for Allegedly Butchering His Wife at Home

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

Isaac revealed that after the video aired, many people reached out to him informing him of the impact his mother made in their lives, and he is very proud. His late mother was a nurse and according to Githinji, she carried out her duties diligently.

Psychologist Advises Parents to Stop Building Relationships with Kids Based on Manipulation

1 month ago By Venessa Nyasio

Lynn Ngugi sat down with troubled couple Becky and Summer and the lovebirds had people sniffling and grabbing their tissues as they struggled to listen to their heartbreaking stories.

My Mother Chose Her Nigerian Husband Over Me, YouTube Content Creator Becky Austin

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

Speaking to Lynn Ngugi, Becky recalled finding a new guy home while in form 3. He was residing in their home and she was instructed to call him dad.

YouTube Sensation Summer Says He Was Accused of Killing Mum, Joining Illuminati

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

Summer sat down with Lynn Ngugi to narrate his life story and the entire room was filled with tears.

MCA Who Cried After Getting Few Votes Says He Remained with Empty Bank Account After Campaigns

1 month ago By Gladys Njeri

"I was leading in the opinion polls but you guys decided to vote for someone else because of money. As I stand here my account reads zero. I do not know why you guys lied to me because in some polling stations I did not secure a single vote."

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