Post Summary

  • YouTube sensation Becky Faith Austin has endured pain and suffering, all thanks to her mother
  • Becky revealed that her relationship her mother hit rock bottom after her mom got married to a Nigerian man
  • She reached her breaking point and ran away from home just a month after meeting Summer
  • Despite enduring numerous hurdles, Becky remains hopeful and hopes to become an air hostess.

20-year-old YouTube sensation Becky Austin Faith has endured pain and suffering in the hands of her own mother. The two have had a rough relationship in the past but Becky hopes for a change in the future.

Becky grew up in a family of five kids and her mother was the father figure. Although different men joined the family at different stages, her mom was the only constant and she meant the world to her.

The two were close at the beginning but things deteriorated when Becky was in high school.

Speaking to Lynn Ngugi, Becky recalled finding a new guy home while in Form Three. He was residing in their home and she was instructed to call him dad. What caught her eye is the fact that this particular man was younger than her mother.

He wanted to be a father figure so bad that he punished Becky for getting home late just after one week of being in her life. This made Becky resent the guy and she now understood why her siblings disliked the new step-father.

Becky expected her mother to defend her but no, she sat quietly and watched her getting hit by a belt. This guy's punishments were so brutal that they left Becky with permanent marks on her body.

Faith recalled how the Nigerian man made her kneel down for hours while lifting 10-litre jerrycans full of water and her mother never uttered a single word because she was in love. She believes that this guy is the reason her relationship with her mother is currently in shambles.

"I feel like my mother and her Nigerian boyfriend rushed into marriage and I do not think it was for the right reasons. My mother was the one who financed the wedding because the guy was jobless. I was told that the two met in a salon when the guy was selling wigs and I believe he married my mom either for money or a permanent VISA," said Becky.

After the guy moved in, things took a turn for the worst. He started firing employees in the house as well as the family's business leaving Becky to take up all the roles.

She would wake up early in the morning, carry out all the chores in the house and then leave for the shop.

Despite putting in all the work, all her efforts went unrecognized and every time she failed to carry out a single task, she would be locked in a room, poured on cold water, and beaten using an electric cable.

What hurt her the most is the fact that her mother would always take the husband's side and would never give Becky a chance to give her side of the story.

The stress she was going through at home affected her even at school but Becky tried very hard and performed well in KCSE. Despite her performance, her mother never supported her dream of becoming an air hostess.

"After showing my mother my results, she was elated at first but later changed her mind after talking to her husband. She started despising me and would sometimes refuse to eat the food I had cooked. The guy on the other hand told me to take the results to my dad and ask him to enrol me in campus," divulged Becky.

Seeing that her mother was not willing to buy her a phone, Becky decided to use her own money and bought one with the aim of asking for financial help from her friends in order to join campus.

Her mother, however, discovered that she had a phone and resorted to beating her up as well as calling the police on her.

Becky did not see eye to eye with her elder brother and so she had no one to open up to. She suffered in silence until she met her now boyfriend Summer while working at her mother's supermarket.

Only a day after the two met, Becky opened up to Summer and informed him of the challenges she was experiencing at home.

"On the day we met, I had a very big bruise around my eye as I had been beaten using a belt buckle for failing to open the shop on time. I did not understand why he found me attractive but there was just something about him that made me feel safe," revealed Becky.

Everyone has a breaking point and soon the stress got to Becky and she decided to run away from home. Having nowhere to go, she called her boyfriend but he was unreachable. Lucky for her, a good samaritan decided to host her for the night and she left for Summer's place the following morning.

That was the beginning of Becky's woes as life became very hard and she constantly received threats from authorities and her mother. The two could sometimes go without food as they did not have any source of income. Seeing Summer go to school hurt Becky to the core as she wanted the same for herself.

The two decided to start a YouTube channel in order to make a living. Their videos were doing pretty good and soon they were able to invest in an Airbnb business. While dating, Summer introduced Becky to his family and they accepted and loved her like their own.

Life was good and Becky got pregnant. She saw the pregnancy as an opportunity to mend fences with her mother and decided to reach out only to be met with insults and more threats. The stress and pressure got to Becky and she got a miscarriage.

Becky's urge to go back to school became so strong that she decided to return home. Instead of being enrolled in school as promised, she was back to attending to chores. She was even forced to break up with Summer as well as quit YouTube.

"When I returned home, things got worse. My mom and the Nigerian had divorced and she blamed me. She mocked me and always called me a failure. She is the reason why Summer and I have gone through so many trials and tribulations. She always finds a way of putting us down," disclosed Becky.

Becky lauded Summer for being her source of strength and lending her a shoulder to lean on whenever she needed one. She still holds hope of being an air hostess one day. Faith now pleads with her mother to aid her in getting an ID card as well as her KCSE results in order to move on with life.