All her life, Adah Doebele believed she was ugly. She had internalized all the insults she received from people around her.

And that affected the relationships she had with men.

“I was married off at 15. I was a third wife to a man who was abusive,” she told Lynn Ngugi during an episode of Lynn Ngugi Show.

Adah’s first husband reminded her every day that she was nowhere close to attractive and called her names every chance he got.

All this broke her, destroyed her and robbed her of the strength and will to love herself.

After seven years of pain and getting three children with a partner who did not value her, the mum decided to walk out of the marriage and start afresh.

“He was 36 when I was 15 and always told me how I was of no value,” she narrated.

The single mum raised her children and met yet another man who had his own vices and demons.

But she bought into the idea of changing him and thought that maybe if they got married she would be the one to transform his life.

Adah was wrong! The man was just as abusive as her first husband.

“We had four children together but he would always claim that he did not father my kids,” she painfully recalled.

The marriage ended and her kids embarked on a journey to search for a suitable man who would marry their mum.

Then one day the single mother was introduced to online dating by her friend.

She first met a guy who was peeved by the fact that she had seven children.

That was too great a burden for him to carry.

But this time Adah was over it. She was tired of men who had an issue with the number of kids she had. So, after three months, she put a stop to the relationship.

And that is when the magic happened.

“A man approached me on the app and told me he was poor. I thought that maybe we could be friends and I could teach him how to open a business,” she said.

Fifteen days later, Adah noticed that things were getting serious so she decided to be honest. She told the man that she was not attractive, and had seven kids and two different baby daddies.

The man asked for her number and proposed to her without thinking twice.

He sent over money meant for her dowry and even wrote a letter asking for Adah’s hand in marriage.

The two met in person three months after the proposal when Adah’s partner decided to travel to Kenya from Germany.

Walter was pleased with what he saw and even helped her strengthen her relationship with God.