Winfred Muriithi who prefers to be known as Mama Kingsley grew up in a loving home.

She schooled like her peers but when she realized that she did not pass her KCSE exams, the lady decided to delve into hustling.

Then, later on, the Meru-born and raised woman met Morris Mutuma and fell madly and deeply in love with him.

She was using crutches to walk and was amazed by how the man loved her despite her condition.

Their romance started off in 2019 and in 2020, Winfred realized she was pregnant with their first lovechild.

In her head, she thought the man who often professed his love for her would instantly be happy to learn that she was expectant.

“I told him I was pregnant and his answer worried me. He did not talk much and even ended up blocking me after I tried calling a couple of times,” she said.

The young lady ended up spending nine months of pregnancy alone without a partner to support her after her baby daddy disappeared and made it clear he wanted nothing to do with their child.

“When I gave birth to Kingsley I was happy. I called him Munene but had originally wanted to refer to him as Muthomi,” she recalled.

The struggle to get Morris to pay child support was an uphill task and when he did, he only gave Winfred KSh 2,000 a month.

That barely scratched the surface when it came to raising a child.

One day, after refusing to see his child for so long, Morris asked to visit Winfred out of the blue.

He arrived at her home that night and when he was asked to eat, he turned down the food.

“We went to sleep and the next day my baby and I woke up so early,” she said.

Mama Kingsley was shocked in the morning when the father of her child asked her to buy beef and prepare it.

But she obliged and was kind of beaten when her child cried bitterly while watching her leave.

“He cried to me and even called out my name. I wanted to go with him but the father insisted on staying with Kingsley in the house. I was not really convinced but I stepped out and went to the shop,” Winfred lamented.

When she returned home, her heart sunk when she found her son laying stiff on the bed with his eyes popped out and mouth open.

When she rushed to check if he was breathing, the single mum noticed he was not.

“Morris said the baby was asleep, but I kept insisting that the baby was not asleep,” she added.

Winfred and the baby daddy rushed Kingsley to hospital and when they arrived, the baby was declared dead on arrival.

She was in denial!

“We went to the police station to report the death and my baby daddy claimed that Kingsley died from pneumonia. Even in the hospital he was the one dealing with the documents,” Winfred said bitterly.

What pains Winfred is that Morris was arrested and released after three days so now she is crying, begging and pleading for justice.