Is bullying the freshest plague in schools or is it an evil that keeps standing the test of time?

At 13, a young kid called Kendi is spending her days worrying about her weight and whether society thinks she is too fat.

Why? Because a teacher referred to her and her friends as "the big five" after noting that the students put on weight during the 2020 COVID break.

Now, Kendi's condition is holding her family on ransom and they cannot catch a break because they are constantly scared.

According to Priscilla, Kendi's mother, the young girl was a happy kid growing up and did not pay too much attention to how she looked.

She was a good feeder but comments from people slowly broke her.

"I used to hate when people assumed I was older than my sister because I was bigger," Kendi told Lynn Ngugi.

Priscilla explained that one day, she and her husband noticed their daughter had shed so much weight and got worried.

"We took her to the hospital and she underwent many tests. Even a stool sample was taken and they found nothing," the demoralised mum shared.

Then she realised Kendi was not finishing her food and would exercise rigorously.

"She skipped the rope so many times and would spend hours working out. At first, I was not worried but I started noticing that it was becoming too much," she shared.

At night, Priscilla would hear thuds in Kendi's room and whenever she went to investigate, her daughter never explained what was going on.

She once tiptoed and peeped through the keyhole to try understand what Kendi was doing.

The worried mum saw her daughter exercising in the deep of the night.

With time, Kendi kept losing weight and it got to a point that she was a shell of what she used to be.

She lost half her weight and started rejecting food.

"If I packed her lunch, she would not eat it. She cannot even take water and has to receive fluids through an IV in hospital. She also throws away food or hides it in her pockets," the mum shared.

Priscilla is worried about Kendi and hopes that one day her daughter will get better.

Right now, the 13-year-old does not go to school so she can have some peace of mind.

But she is in Class Eight and needs to catch up with her education while awaiting KCPE examinations.