At 31, Wanjiru Waweru sleeps with a smile on her face knowing she has ticked off most of her hopes and dreams.

The millionaire has helped build a mansion for her parents in Limuru after working as a househelp in Saudi Arabia for over eight years.

Wanjiru's story is among the few that paint Saudi in bright light.

Unlike most of her compatriots, she fell into the hands of kind and considerate bosses in the Gulf.

"We lived in a madhouse and wood-walled home when I was young," she told Lynn Ngugi.

The successful lady comes from a family of eight children. Her mum sold veggies in the market and the kids would help her around the farm.

Wanjiru's father also reared livestock and life was quite challenging.

She decided to travel to Saudi in search of a better life.

"My elder sister went to Saudi before me back in 2011. I cleared Form Four and travelled after three months," she admitted.

When she got there, she had no idea how to use things like the washing machine and to top it off, she struggled with the language barrier.

Culture shock also hit her like a train. People dressed differently, ate differently and interacted differently.

Wanjiru got a great boss who even allowed her to call back home using his phone.

"You need an ID from that country to purchase a sim card. My boss even bought me a smartphone," she added.

She worked for her first boss for two years and eight months and would earn around KSh 20,000.

The 31-year-old explained that when she first returned to Kenya, her employers bought her clothes and escorted her to the airport.

They loved her so much and their child even cried when she left.

Wanjiru decided to travel back to the Gulf.

Whenever Wanjiru walked around Saudi and saw nice houses, she would promise her parents that she would build something similar for them.

She and her siblings eventually saved enough money and built their parents rental homes.

They also erected a beautiful mansion for their folks that is fitted with hot water, great lighting fixtures, wonderfully painted walls and lovely wardrobes.

"Our decision to build was made in 2016. My brother also travelled and helped with the building. If I decided to stay home, I would have been poor," she shared.